Light Milk

Full on flavour, low on fat. Our award winning Light milk doesn’t compromise on taste and has only 2g of fat per 100ml - it’s a great choice for those who are looking for a lower fat version of our cult favourite Full Cream Milk.

It has all the goodness of our Jersey milk and has a creamy, smooth consistency. Our customers love it in smoothies, tea, cooking, on your morning cereal, just on its own and it has the best froth for coffee drinkers!

“I love it in my tea” Janet

“I never like light milk but Jersey light milk tastes different and I love it!” Cindy

“I can’t stand the taste of most low fat milk options… Gippsland Jersey Light Milk is my go to choice all the time” Rowan

“Your light milk foams up lovely for your coffee” Pam

“Makes the best froth for a light milk!!” Katie 

 GOLD MEDAL WINNER - Dairy Industry Association of Australia Awards 2018 

Our cows are purebred heritage breed originating from the British Isle of Jersey, with naturally superior milk. Because our beautiful cows largely graze on Gippsland's lush green grass their milk also contains more omega-3’s and beneficial fatty acids than milk from other cows. In fact, Jersey milk is even often better tolerated by lactose intolerant people because it mostly contains ‘A2’ protein which is easier on our digestive system! There is so much to love about our milk, and its great taste is simply one small reason! 

Gippsland Jersey proudly does things differently, sourcing milk from smaller, family farms with incredible dairy farmers paying farmers a fair price for what they produce. By sidestepping large milk processors and value-adding already premium jersey local milk, we ensure a healthy wage for farmers and a clear choice for consumers.

And by manufacturing in regional Victoria (Lakes Entrance) it keeps the dollars local, as well as delivering random acts of kindness to the Gippsland farming community, and creating social change in rural mental health by championing emotional wellbeing of dairy farmers who may be struggling.

We have three pillars to our brand and really know our ‘why’

🥛Farmers MUST be paid a fair price

🥛Smash the stigma of mental health and suicide prevention in rural areas

🥛Kindness (...because it’s the best human attribute someone can have!)

Available at your local retailer, major supermarkets including Woolworths & Coles. Find your local stockist here