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Jersey milk comes from pure Jersey cows (they’re the beautiful caramel coloured cows with long and lush eyelashes). Jersey milk is known for its health benefits such as predominantly higher A2 protein, calcium and vitamins than your regular glass of milk. Jersey milk properties are also perfect for baristas seeking the finest milk stretch to complement their coffee.

Our milk is sourced from local Jersey farms in Gippsland, and in 2019 we will be processing our milk at our factory in Lakes Entrance. We are proud to be 100% Gippsland owned and made.

Our farms use best practise methods for handling our bobby calves. They are kept with mothers and supplemented colostrum as soon as possible. We rear lots of our bull calves for sale to other farmers and grow a number out each calving season for marbled beef markets.

No, however our milk comes from farms with a proud history of sustainable, best practise and low input farming methods and we’ll continue this for generations to come.

No. Our Jerseys provide us with top notch milk production without these.

Our cows have a lot of space to roam, with less than one cow per acre. They get fresh grass in new paddocks twice each day, every day of the year.


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