Whipped Coffee

by Gippsland Jersey

Whipped coffees or dalgona coffees have been around for years, but always seem to pop up again as the weather gets warmer. They are frothy, refreshing, and find that perfect balance between bitter and sweet notes that iced coffees do so well. 

The premise is simple enough. Blend instant coffee and sugar with a little water until light and frothy, and then pour into a glass over ice and cold milk. 

Choosing the right milk however is where you’ll be able to set your dalgona apart from the rest. A good quality great tasting milk like Gippsland Jersey can really take even the simplest beverage to the next level, and makes this drink even more indulgent and sumptuous when you mix it with that frothy goodness. After all, when it comes to coffee, coffee beans are only half the story. 

We also tend to add a little tipple of liqueur into our Dalgonas for an extra adult treat. Cheeky!


Combine equal parts instant coffee, caster sugar and boiling water in a bowl (a quarter cup of each makes about 2 serves). Stir with a spoon to dissolve any lumps, and then mix with a hand mixer for a few minutes until light and fluffy. 


In two glasses add ice, Gippsland Jersey milk and a shot of your booze of choice (we used kahlua, but baileys and many others would work too!) and then gently spoon your whipped coffee over the top. Simple, and so delish!

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