Meet our 4th Dairy Supplier Farmer! Kevin & Siahn Le Brocq

by Gippsland Jersey

Absolutely stoked to announce that following on from our launch into Coles, we’ve been able to secure our 4th Gippsland Jersey supplier farmer! This is exactly why we started our brand, to help local Australian dairy farmers and to give them a fair price for their milk.
The 4th dairy farm supplier is run by Kev and Siahn, and their three children. They live on the family's property with Siahn’s grandparents. Siahn’s Grandfather grew up on the property, and with his brother cleared a fair percentage of the land so it could be a viable dairy farm. The farm has been in the family for roughly 82 years, and Kev and Siahn would like to see it remain in the family for another 82! The farm is situated at Bravington, and is now the only remaining dairy farm on the main road between Warragul and Neerim South.
“We have only recently changed the herd to jerseys. We reared 20-odd jersey heifers alongside our other herd, and decided to make the change for a few reasons," Siahn revealed. "Better quality milk, less impact on the paddocks and therefore less environmental damage, more efficient cows for our farm, better temperament, and those BIG BROWN EYES! How could you not fall in love with them?!” said Siahn.
Kev added, “Dairy farming’s in our blood, we’ve been doing this for so many years as have my mum and dad’s parents before us. To have an opportunity like this with a homegrown Australian brand is such an honour for us. For a small brand, Gippsland Jersey is doing such big things for the Aussie dairy industry, and for our region in general… and to think that something like this could help our livelihood continue for our kids and the next generations makes us feel so proud and so grateful.”
Welcome to the herd Kev and Siahn, so proud and grateful to have you with us!
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