Krystal and Nick Bermingham – August 2022 Calendar

by Gippsland Jersey


‘If you want to farm, go out and just give it a crack. There are so many people out there to help, so there is no point feeling like you’re alone. Don’t let pride get in the way either, benchmark yourself against your own business and just enjoy it.’

Krystal and Nick’s love story began on the farm. At 19 years of age Krystal was working at the Rosedale pub and saw an advertisement online, by Jason Bermingham, for a farmhand. She jumped at the opportunity to work on the land full-time. 12 months later, after falling in love with Jason’s younger brother, Nick, they were dating. Together now, they have bought the family’s farm, built a house there and have three children together, however it hasn’t come without its fair share of struggles.


Nick began working on his family farm in Nambrok as a teenager and helped build the dairy that currently operates there. Nick believes that the key to running a successful dairy operation is setting the benchmark against yourself, not your neighbours. He utilises outside resources such as advice from vets and agricultural experts to help keep the farm operating at its best potential. During the drought seasons Krystal sought outside employment to help pay the bills which she found to be a difficult juggle with small children and cows to milk. Their youngest child, Harry, went through some extensive health issues which also meant ongoing hospital trips. During this time Krystal kept a small support network of friends and family around her to help manage her mental health. This ensured that her and her husband worked as a team, even when things were really tough.

Krystal and Nick have had times throughout their relationship where they’ve said a few choice words to each other, however, they say the key to keeping the relationship and family healthy during times of stress is to practice open communication, no silent treatment, to leave work frustrations at work and develop a good network around them to help with the pressures of owning a business.

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