Jake Seuren, Lang Lang - June 2022 Calendar

by Gippsland Jersey

‘No matter what life throws at you, never give up!’

At 21 years old, Jake has been through many trials and challenges, also triumphs.  He possesses a wisdom beyond his years and a fire in his belly born from adversity. To talk to him, you’d come to realise that he is a young man with ambition, strength and smart business savviness.  Yet at the heart of him, he has a sensitive soul, a man who just wants to help those around him and give back to his community. 

Currently working on the farm he was raised on Jake has battled through drought, milk price crashes and a salmonella outbreak in the cattle that meant he and his father, Michael had to either bury or sell off most of their stock. Jake also watched his parents go through a divorce in his teenage years that caused Michael to spiral into depression. Jake says that his mum walked out on the family, leaving the business in such a hefty deficit that Michael had to sell some of his machinery and stock to continue making lease payments. Eventually a mining company bought the land and Michael felt no other option than to work for that same company to make ends meet. They were slowly able to buy up cattle again and begin making a profit. Over time Ainsley came into Michael’s life, and Jake believes she helped his dad to overcome his depression. 

Jake has managed to gain a Cert IV in Agriculture and go on to not only gain his diploma but receive a nomination for best trainee in the top three in Victoria.  He has started up a farm contracting business (he says it took him a long time to convince the lender since he was only 18 at the time) and, with the help of family too, saved enough money to recently purchase two Fendt tactors, new mowers, a combo bailer and 50 stud jersey cows. Jake acknowledges that these achievements haven’t come without stress. He says he always worries ‘will I get contracting work, will it rain, will the cows get sick?’ He manages his mental health by spending time with his girlfriend Tayla, hiking to waterfalls, kayaking, spending time with mates and contributing funds to the local football and cricket clubs. Jake’s five year plan is to continue his contracting business and farming endeavours to save enough money to buy the farm that his father has always dreamed of.  He would do anything to support the man who has been there for him throughout his life.  


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