"Cows Create Careers" Gippsland Jersey milkshake van visits Briagalong Primary School students

by Gippsland Jersey

Superstar teacher Kim Kitto from Briagalong Primary School certainly knows how to teach! All of her grade 3&4 class knew their stuff as we spoke to them about a program funded by Dairy Australia called “Cows Create Careers”, which gives teachers the resources to educate kids in a fun ways about cows and how you can work in the dairy industry. 

The program shouted these kids a milkshake when we took our Milkshake Van to Briagalong last week!

The Cows Create Careers project involves:

  • Dairy farmers delivering two calves for a 3 week period to the school.
  • Supplies and curriculum materials being provided to the school at no cost.
  • An industry advocate visiting the school and talking to the students.
  • Students working in teams of 4-5 to complete assessment tasks.
  • A Presentation & Awards Day.
  • Media coverage throughout the project.

Project Achievements

In 2020, the Cows Create Careers project was delivered to 23 dairying regions across Australia, involving 240 schools and over 15,000 students

The project first started in 2004 and has been running successfully in schools for 17 years.

In 2020, the project received recognition from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and has now been embedded in the Design and Technologies, Food and fibre production, Level 7 & 8.

The program aims to;

  • Encourage students to understand the importance of the Australian dairy industry to Regional economies
  • Educate students about the vast array of career pathways available in the dairy manufacturing industry
  • Increase awareness about the Australian dairy industry and its products
  • Provide a platform for the industry, education and community to work together
  • Showcase the nutritional benefits of dairy to the school community through students’ work
  • Provide the dairy industry with good news stories
  • Reward successful students and schools at the conclusion of the programme with personalised certificates and prizes.

We applaud this initiative and think if Kim’s students are anything to go by, the future is bright for Dairy indeed!

You can find out more about the program here;


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