All about Unhomogenised Milk - Gippsland Jersey Extra Creamy Milk

by Gippsland Jersey

Cream on Top. 

Why choose unhomogenised milk?

What is homogenisation?

Homogenisation is carried out by squirting milk at very high pressure through a special machine; this breaks up the fat particles and makes them very small so they disperse evenly throughout the milk; it isn’t needed at all to make a food healthier but is simply carried out to make milk look more appealing to to most consumers.  Just about all milk in Australia is homogenised. Forced at high pressure through fine pipes, the cream becomes evenly dispersed. Homogenised milk is whiter and has a thinner mouthfeel than unhomogenised milk.
In unhomogenised milk, cream will rise to the top when it stands for any length of time. Such milk is also widely regarded as more flavoursome (in the homogenised variety, aromatic fatty molecules are surrounded by virtually flavourless proteins) but can go sour more rapidly. It’s thought that people don’t like to see the beautiful cream on top of milk, or clinging to the bottle, as it would naturally. And apparently people don’t like seeing creamy coloured milk, they like it to look whiter (although we can’t think of anything nicer than delicious creamy-looking milk!). 

We believe that lots of you are going to fall in love with this unadulterated, delicious jersey milk, that is extra creamy and tastes the way milk used to be. It's the closest thing to milk straight from the cow and we get so much positive feedback from our customers who have tried Gippsland Jersey Unhomogenised milk! Many report not only have flavoursome it is, but those who have an intolerance to dairy say they find this milk agrees with them. This is due to way the more natural structure of the milk passes through the digestive system.
Unhomogenised milk is also really sought after by cheese makers and a secret ingredient! (you heard it here first). We are happy to take orders for larger bulk quantities, for any enquiries please get in touch. Purists swear by the richer, fuller flavour of unhomogenised milk; many people prefer homogenised milk because they've become accustomed to its milder taste.
We LOVE our Extra Creamy Milk, a few of our favourite ways to use it are 
🥛 Delicious, creamy porridge
🥛 Bechamel sauce - a game changer for your lasagne!
🥛 Cheesemaking
🥛 Kids love it on their cereal!
🥛 Coffee 
You'll find our Extra Creamy Milk (unhomogenised) at specialty retailers. Haven't found it near you? Ask your favourite retailer to get in touch with us or ask them to head to the become a stockist section of our website.
Have you tried Gippsland Jersey Extra Creamy milk?
Check out informative video on unhomogenised milk on our YouTube channel 

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