Remembering the East Gippsland Fires

This photo was taken exactly one year ago when #eastgippslandfires tormented our region.

For us, the fires didn’t destroy our factory like it was predicted to.

There’s no doubt it was scary times, and reflecting back – chests tighten and stomachs swirl. The heat, smell, wind, embers, smoke and eeriness will be forever etched in everyone’s memory.

We’d decided to stay and defend the factory. We set up camp in the factory and set an alarm each 1/2 hour to monitor the conditions as there was two fire fronts coming towards us. We had the factory surrounded by water hoses and pumps and Steve had a solid plan of what we were going to do if we came under attack. Thankfully the wind changed and mercy was shown 🙏🏻 … not sure we’ve properly processed this time and it’s affect – 2020 feels like a blur!

What happened in the days after the bushfires saw Australia at its absolute BEST … the amount of care, generosity and kindness from people made everyones heart explode. It was so incredible, that there’s a documentary tv series going to air on @channel10au called that captured the real heart stories of the farmers and how they helped their mates.

There’s no doubt that East Gippsland has suffered in 2020 – but seeing the tourists arrive back into our regional towns over this last week is just awesome. 

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