Out of Adversity come opportunities

A small milk brand that was formed out of adversity

Sallie and Steve Co-Founder of Gippsland Jersey

Hi there, we are Steve Ronalds and Sallie Jones (not married, just friends in case you were wondering), and we are the co-founders of Gippsland Jersey … a small milk brand that was formed out of personal adversity and the milk crisis in 2016. We are so proud of what we have been able to achieve in such a short time – producing milk you love while giving back to the community and shining a light on the mental health of farmers. Thanks to all of you who have supported us along the way and bought our milk.

We got a phone call from our milk processor telling us that we had four weeks until they would stop processing our milk. We’ve had to solve this problem really fast, as that decision could close our business.

Since that conversation, we have made hundreds of phone calls to try and find an answer. We’ve found a temporary solution to keep our milk on the shelf … but we’re still left with a serious problem.

Having our own processing facility has always been part of the ‘Gippsland Jersey’ dream, as with our own facility we could control the whole process from the milking shed to the store shelf. If we can do this, we can ensure that our farmers are getting a fair price for their milk.

Sal’s dad built a  factory in the 1980’s and was the first person in Australia to build a milk factory next to his dairy and to process milk and make ice cream on his own farm. Tragically Mike (Sallie’s Dad) took his own life two years ago and left behind an incredible gift. Sometimes answers to life’s problems are right under our noses  … a factory, located on the organic dairy farm, with a rich history of home grown manufacturing and only five minutes from the township of Lakes Entrance is right the key to solving our processing crisis.

What We Need & What You Get

What we’re going to do is setup our very own milk processing plant, right here in the factory at Lakes Entrance. We’re going to transport Steve’s beautiful Jersey milk from Jindivick and process  in Lakes Entrance. This is the perfect solution for us right now, as it means that we can be operational in three months time and our temporary solution will hold us over until then. With this plan we have one big problem though… we need to pay for it. To make this happen we need to buy and install a processing plant into this factory. We estimate that this is going to cost about $250,000 … and that’s where we need you. 

We’re launching a ‘Crowd Fund’ campaign to raise $100,000 towards getting this factory operational. Achieving this will help Gippsland Jersey in its dream to grow by bringing more farmers into our brand … and most importantly to pay them a fair price for their milk. 

We know that this brand is people-powered thanks to people like you … who choose to buy Gippsland Jersey milk and believe in us.

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