Our Farmers

Gippsland Jersey

Matt Wilson

Drouin South
Matt grew up in Gippsland, the green heart of dairy country. He started milking his neighbour’s cows aged eight, went on to earn his chef stripes, and now combines his love for food, jersey cows and family as a farmer.
Gippsland Jersey Butter

Luke Wallace

Luke and his family are gold medal milkers. Their Jersey herd wins awards, as does their milk. You can watch them in action on the Gippsland Jersey socials, where we regularly go behind the scenes on this very special farm.
Gippsland Jersey Butter

Brenton Ziero

Kenny (as we affectionately call him) is one of the hardest working dairy farmers we know - and that’s saying something! He tirelessly tends to the health and wellbeing of his cows, and has a thirst for producing exceptional jersey milk. Taste the love.